Jack's Journey

Jack's Journey
This has been a busy week for the Burke family. On Monday we premiered this film about Jack's Journey battling Neurofibromatosis (NF) at our 3rd annual Atlanta CureNFwithJack Golf Classic. The golf tournament was well attended (we even had a waiting list), was great fun (Jack got to shoot a real canon to start the day) and we raised money and awareness about Neurofibromatosis.
Today was difficult. We drove to Children's Healthcare and Jack had an MRI to see if the chemo is working.
Tomorrow Jack has week 12 of 52 chemo treatments.

People often tell us that they "can't imagine what we go through" or have "no clue" about our day-to-day lives. Through the brilliance of our friend, Duane Codrington we present this film to you. We believe that after watching this, you will have a much better understanding of "Jack's Journey". We encourage you to watch and learn more about how you can help Jack and others fighting NF and ask that you help us make our message viral and global by sharing the link via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other means you see fit. Click below to begin the film.
The fight continues... with your love and help.